A2B Loan Solutions – Karnataka a Proprietorship firm floated by a bank professional on 11/6/2019 started up with an intention of opening Direct Sales Associates (DSA) of leading banks and other financial institutions with the view of promoting their various financial products to the needy individuals and companies who are looking for financial assistance to satisfy their personal and professional business needs. We are well experienced and well exposed in this line of activity and established their own network in and around Karnataka. The company is started up with a highly qualified and highly experienced candidate who have vast experience in the similar line of activities to achieve pre-determined targets set to them.


To enable our clients and employees achieve their financial aspirations, through providing customized solutions and other value-added services in a unique, holistic and responsible manner.

Our mission in turn translates to our stakeholders deriving the following benefits:


  1. Achieve their financial aspirations
  2. Get the benefits that are really meant to them
  3. Experience a delight in dealing with us


  1. Achieve their Aspirations
  2. Share the wealth created
  3. Feel the ownership of creation and achievement


  1. To be the highly preferred model partner
  2. To be hand in glove in achieving companies set targets


To be the premier provider of finance in the city of operation

To be market leaders in the place of operation

COMMENTS ON PROPOSED PERFORMANCE The company is proposed to undertake promotional activities on the regular basis to source market for company products as service industry needs more promotional activities to increase their market share or pioneer in new line of business activities.